Jesus Our Great High Priest

Apr 18-19, 2020 Bobby Chaw

Jesus is our merciful and faithful High Priest who represents us fully before God—he is able to symp...

Jesus is our merciful and faithful High Priest who represents us fully before God—he is able to sympathize with all that we go through: hunger, injustice, tiredness, and every temptation. In this sermon, Pastor Bobby Chaw talks about how Jesus responds to our cry for help—boethéo—by running to us and upholding us so we don't sink. He is full of compassion and understanding. When we face difficulties, Jesus intercedes for us by name, just as He did for Peter, that our faith would not fail us. The Bible calls us a royal priesthood, and we must pray like Jesus our High Priest. Listen to this sermon and be inspired by real-life miracles that happened when Christians interceded in prayer.



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Diana Choy Suan Sim

References - a video of a man to jump off a flat at Teban Gardens and a video on Ammal.At first, the man jumping off the building was like in an Olympic diving event but then he later hit the solid ground. So terrible! This is my first time see man jump off building to die. Only last week I thought I finally understood why my best girlfriend jumped off building died on CNY1980, to feel condemned and arrested by some people. She was also waiting to get married, aged 21- 22. My primary school Brownie mate/neighbour, aged 9 in 1972, her mother also jumped off building died.Ammal to commit suicide with her little son

Diana Choy Suan Sim

We can get tired of eating the same old delicious food everyday. We can get tired of listening to the same old sermons but not the Holy Bible. Listening to Pastor Bobby Chaw's sermon the second time, I realised that it was his caring heart that evergreens the good sermon.
Yes, indeed, to see God is great/love/merciful and through His Son, Jesus Christ, is the faith of a mustard seed that can throw a mountain into the sea.
The End of the Wuhan Coronavirus is by a listening ear, an understanding mind and a heart of love of Jesus the Way/Truth/Life.