What Kind Of World Will We Create

February 12, 2021 Erwin McManus



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Diana Choy Suan Sim

I was in 1982 with my Chinese colleague and her male angmoh friend at a nice hotel coffeehouse and in the next table was a Chinese woman (and her friends) commenting 'The angmoh's one is bigger ah?' and soon, the 2 women were on the street outside fighting, to my horrors, and surprise at like seeing a bad news in a newspapers unfolding before my very eyes.

Recently, I answered that woman's question 'Is the angmoh's one bigger?' By 'Yes, the angmoh's one is certainly bigger and that which destroyed 2 Japanese cities in WWII!
Yes, Pastor Erwin McManus' sermon is bigger.
To be able to still speak and not fight is the world we want to create.
Pastor Erwin McManus looked stylo milo in the old WWII fabrics, radiant and translucent in flesh.

CHC Admin

@Juliet Jocelyn Guarino Can you tell us more about the issue you are facing when trying to play the video?

Juliet Jocelyn Guarino

why I cannot play videos huhu

Lingxin Gan

As an injured athlete going through rehab, this Sermon is truly inspirational and encouraging! Thank You!

Lingxin Gan

As an injured athlete gli

Court Scott

Wonderful sermon for those of us in America. Our land is broken, time to rebuild. Let’s follow Jesus as we do this. This sermon needs to be preached in the Capitol building.

Tania Phua

Blessed New Year everyone!


blessed new year everyone

Aries Z

Blessed New Year to all