The Prayer Life of Jesus: Conversation

Feb 29-Mar 1, 2020 Kong Hee

In this next instalment of his series on the prayer life of Jesus, Pastor Kong Hee takes us through ...

In this next instalment of his series on the prayer life of Jesus, Pastor Kong Hee takes us through David's meditation on God and four things that it did for him. It kept David pure from sin, it saved him from depression, it preserved his physical health and, very importantly, it brought him into conversation with God. It is only when we are deep in conversation and fellowship with the Lord through meditation that we can be taught by Him and gain true revelation. Listen to this sermon and discover how to have a dynamic conversation with God.


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Helen Pedersen

Are struggling with the psalms 91? I think maybe it will help righting it down, that you remember, it helps me 😃. It was hard to think that Jesus pray for forgiveness as he didn’t have anything sin, but as read John 17 and Luke 11, Matthew 6 it was very different then John 17. The last two Jesus thought and the first one he prayed to father or part there of. I feel as I am reading Psalm 91 something very different, faith that wants me walking to the church and standing there until the door opens. As I am comparing this sermon with Pastor Arries last two sermon especially the December 21 sermon where he said why didn’t Jesus use the internet or Facebook to pronounced his coming and then of course he said it was not there at the time and then said we cannot win the lost through media but know we do, or at least we come together for Cellgroup there and listening every weekend now online. Then there is the sermon on having faith. Even the bible say “The Kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed. Our faith in these times tested must really shine , I look as Jesus as an example. Jesus wasn’t afraid to preach the gospel in public! No, but today if one would do that it would be considered crazy! Even in your own home living with an unbeliever. Now where can we lift your name aloud my father. Well I do step out and look at the examples you set for us. I am Nor afraid and I am living as if you are coming this hour for me. I am another year older and you have been there since I have been born and throughout my Sunday school time, where I remember until this day, how fun and joyful it was, then later in my teenage years where I couldn’t see you so clearly but you carried me. Now I am an adult and I have been blessed, touched, renewed by your mercies, grace and Love for me. Help me father to understand all this because I don’t understand, how a virus can close your church. What if a war broke out, should I also stay at home? I am so confused on faith in these matters again. Wisdom, Faith, and love is what I thought I had lots of but now it feels so little. I know you always hear me so help me father to understand. This sermon was very blessed, just very annoying that I cannot come to my fathers house and receive the bread and wine and the togetherness as a family. May God that see the hearts be with all of us.

Helen Pedersen

Its my birthday today back home 4 March 😍, God if I can ask one thing from you please help me always to be like you. Thank you for the blessings and testimonies I can talk about my walk with you lord. Thank you that given some gives to do your works already. Holy Spirit please I am so sorry that again failed you, that that still around and lift me us when I stumble. Please come to celebrate with me today. I am grateful need only you because with our you I cannot do anything. I love you ABBA my daddy

Helen Pedersen

ABBA father as irritating it is maybe, not to be able to be in your house, we’re I can be a free child of you, I feel your spirit can bring down the earth! I can see you now father... Matthew overturning the tables up side down, because they selling and buying! Father then I remembered you praying John 17v15 that you prayer was not to take them out of the world but that you protect them from all evil. Father you also say in Proverbs 28:20 a faithful person will abound with blessings but those to be rich will not go unpunished! Gracious and loving ABBA Father unfold to me by Your Spirit the riches and depths of this, my saviour, may my experience be that new light breaks out from Your Word as I meditate on it day by day in Jesus name. Amen