The God Factor

Aug 1-2, 2020 Phil Pringle

You are not on your own—God is with you. In this rousing sermon, Pastor Phil Pringle of C3 Church, S...

You are not on your own—God is with you. In this rousing sermon, Pastor Phil Pringle of C3 Church, Sydney reminds us of the God Factor. God wants to put “But God” faith in us—it’s what causes us to have victory over our enemies. Pastor Phil lists three situations in which we most need the God Factor: when we are fearful, when we get ourselves in a mess and when we are under pressure. The God Factor gives us faith when fear threatens to overwhelm us. There is forgiveness in God through repentance when we mess up. When you’re in the fire, He is there with you. Be encouraged by this Word.



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Diana Choy Suan Sim

I first listened to the Australian Pastor Phil Pringle's sermon in early last year 2019, and marvelled that he spoke English CLEAR as a Singaporean which in old England, a HIGH SOCIETY/CLASS THING, when many caucasians in real life and in the celluloid world don't pronounce their words fully/properly.
His long and lush tree of a sermon'd be best company to lonely rural Americans who loved long sales promotions.
He quoted 2 Corinthians 7:5-6 - BUT GOD who encourages those who are discouraged, encouraged us by the arrival of Titus - and also, no one understands us as God, next to ourselves, and no one as God through the Son, Jesus Christ, can still love horrible us (God gives me tears here).
He also said God is God of peace and also war in crushing Satan under our feet. If we kill, we'd be executed and it seems no one is good enough to cast the first stone at the biblical prostitute.

Many years ago, I wondered why got caucasians in Australia which was so far away from Europe and soon came a newspapers article about the story of England first sending her convicts to Australia. This showed that God is with every thought of every one all the time!

God bless the land of Waltzing Maltilda and the best butter cakes.