The Lord Remembers

30 & 31 Oct 2021 Edmund Tay

No matter how forgetful man is, the Lord always remembers. Preaching out of Luke 1, Edmund Tay shows...

No matter how forgetful man is, the Lord always remembers. Preaching out of Luke 1, Edmund Tay shows in this sermon that God never forgets His people. Because we can trust God, we must believe in Him and his goodness. Pastor Edmund teaches that believers must do these three things: one, they must believe without bitterness, because bitterness kills faith. Two, they must believe despite the doubt, unlike Zacharias who chose disbelief when he was told his wife would be pregnant with a child in their old age. Faith is the ability to believe despite doubts. Three, they must believe for deliverance in God’s time. God may be silent for a long time, or things may not progress according to your expectation, but He has heard your prayer. Listen to this sermon and be encouraged to believe God.



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Diana Choy Suan Sim

The looks and sermon of Pastor Edmund Tay were like the vibrantly pink bougainvillea without the tasteless berries of the dull coloured gooseberry.
Watching this online sermon and I recalled of a book of a caucasian woman telling her psychoanalyst of her dream of a creatural dark/murky mass of feathers and within² were a man of exceptional beauty. The dark/murky feathers could be what Pastor Edmund said of our problems/sins, obscuring each of us as the man with exceptional beauty which is the very image of God in looks and righteousness, as a beautiful vase of a friend said we at home could fight so hatred deep and long and fierce but at heart we do love each other. We the man of exceptional beauty can be set free by Jesus and the dark/murky feathers could become the wings of Almighty God protecting/succouring us.
The very order of Nature proves the existence /greatness of God which can only swallow up our anger/bitterness with God over life's injustices and we to remember God as Pastor Edmund said, as the ever righteous and faithful One👁️👁️💧🙏 What then'd be God transforming us as in 'Theosis - swallowed by life' preached by Pastor Kong Hee on 23/24 Oct 2021 (2 Corinthians 5:4...that mortality might be swallowed of life.) To mean that we'd live and not die and to realise as Pastor Edmund of having the forevermore with God the Creator with no end and no beginning.


“I’m so Blessed to be a Follower of Jesus!” . Pastor Edmund - Awesome sharing !