Coffee With Kong feat. Bill Johnson

Jul 25-26, 2020 Kong Hee

In this very first weekend edition of Coffee With Kong, Pastor Kong Hee takes the interviewer’s seat...

In this very first weekend edition of Coffee With Kong, Pastor Kong Hee takes the interviewer’s seat as he speaks to his guest, Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church through video conferencing. Tackling topics from COVID-19 and the future of church to fanning the flames of spiritual fire, be blessed by the wisdom shared in this warm conversation. Learn how to invest in your future in this time of pandemic, how to have a kingdom mindset and how to recognize the great opportunity before us to increase in demonstrations of power as we live out the gospel.



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Perry Lim

Perry Lim

I am so bless viewing this video even though its a pass video I am bless. Thank you.

Diana Choy Suan Sim

Last year, I listened to Pastor Bill Johnson at City Harvest Church and I didn't understand most of what he preached. I heard a fellow Christian said that he was a very famous preacher. I hope I can understand him better this time round. I last time brought an elementary- English-speaking Chinese woman aged 80 to listen to a popular caucasian preacher and she nodded off and snored loudly. I was surprise that the guest caucasian preachers at CHC spoke English clear as a Singaporean. As cleanliness is next to godliness, so is clarity of speech.
Very good this Zoom Conference has English subtitles and Pastor Bill Johnson also was speaking so well. (Later got accompanying pdf 11 pages.)
Pastor Kong Hee looked very good asking the questions.
Very good of Pastor Ho Yeow Sun to say that we each our way acceptable to the Lord in praying and to no one's pigeonholing, be it prostrating ourselves, kneeling/clasping hands or journalling.

God bless the USA who also freely gives the world such abundant and wonderful offerings of songs/videos etc in the Internet and we in turn should also give as freely teachings and hands ons guidance on the basic knowhows of Computer/Tablet or I-pad/ Smartphone to any Tom, Dick or Harry or has beens and the illiterates then, as the sun shines for all. T'is the kingdom of God (God gives me tears here).

Pastor Bill Johnson, Pastor Kong Hee and his pastorwife Ho Yeow Sun were as the 2-3 people gathered in Jesus' name and Jesus'd be in the midst🎯 there (mentioned by Pastor Bill Johnson) and it was the show on earth - edifying/enlightening/entertaining.
'All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful: the Lord God made them all "

As Pastor Bill Johnson said that Jesus'd be in the midst of the great church and also even in the gathering of only 2-3 people in His name. Great is the Lord indeed!

Pastor Bill Johnson was prophetic in saying, "The Lord would rather have us value a person than to accomplish something noble."