The Love of Jesus (Part 4) — The Scope of Love

Jun 13-14, 2020 Kong Hee

In this fourth and final sermon of this series, Pastor Kong Hee teaches the four dimensions of Chris...

In this fourth and final sermon of this series, Pastor Kong Hee teaches the four dimensions of Christ’s love out of 1 Corinthians 13:7. First, love always protects: it doesn’t broadcast the problems of others, or criticize other in public. Love safeguards a person’s dignity and reputation. Second, love always trusts: it constantly believes the best of others, it never gossips, and love is never racist. Third, love always hopes: it has a confident expectation from now until heaven, it gives fuel to our faith for another day. Finally, love always perseveres: it believes steadfastly and persistently, it endures through thick and thin. To be Christlike is to love like Jesus.



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Diana Choy Suan Sim

I'd listened to this sermon the 3rd time already and I'd listen to it again someday.
Pastor Kong Hee also gave answers to
Question - God forgave the Romans who killed Jesus so and Peter who denied Jesus 3 times but what about Judas Iscariot?
Answer- Jesus knew that Judas'd betray Him.
Jesus washed the feet of Judas Iscariot.
Jesus died for all, including Judas Iscariot.
Meditating - Indeed, the Bible said that the gospel'd be preached even to those in the graves.
Question - What if a man yelling/scolding his woman in public was right as she deserves it?
Answer - But who are you to judge?
To another similar question of his:
Answer - When it's not in your place to deal with it.
Pastor Kong Hee said that City Harvest Church is to be the most loving church around but ironically was soon left a foreign young man in my cellgroup like because some people said my writing was not encouraging and not edifying and perhaps he couldn't reconcile it.
Pastor Kong Hee said that God still has hope for/love Jerusalem (the difficult Israel of old). We to see the same of very difficult people in our lives.
Love gets Pastor Kong Hee swingingly handsome and capable in this sermon, most so in the churchwide Bible studies on the book of Revelation 3 Wednesdays ago.