The Holy Spirit Is Here

May 30-31, 2020 Bobby Chaw

In this Pentecost Sunday message, Pastor Bobby Chaw delivers a powerful reminder about the Holy Spir...

In this Pentecost Sunday message, Pastor Bobby Chaw delivers a powerful reminder about the Holy Spirit who was promised to every believer by Jesus in John 14:16-18, that He will abide with us forever. Drawing from Abraham's example in Genesis 18, there are four ways to respond to the Holy Spirit. First, we must be sensitive to His presence and hear His voice—it speaks louder than the anxiety and fear in our lives. Second, we must be personal with the Holy Spirit, seeking time to engage Him personally and connect with Him. Third, we must be urgent about Him: we must be quick to repent when He convicts us. Finally, we must be surrendered to the Holy Spirit—we no longer do what pleases us, but only what He tells us to do. Listen and let this message renew your passion for the Holy Spirit!



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Diana Choy Suan Sim

Amen and Hallelujah.
To listen well to any sermon at ABC talk/reasoning eases the mind and a good/excellent sermon brings on the exuberance.Before this sermon by Pastor Bobby Chaw talking about the Lord appearing as 3 men by the Terebinth trees of Mamre to Abraham, I was showering and thinking ' Is it God or an angel who approaches us? Surely an angel as God Himself is just too awesome...' and a cellgroup friend later posted a beautiful painting of hers of an angel.

This tells us that God's presence is always around us and in everything we do.

Two pastors said that to tithe is mainly about appreciating God as our supplier, mainly to give glory to God's name and to worship Him and to give according to His worth as we see it, that is, to give God face or not and how much. Much as the vassals of old paid tributes to the great China.

I see tithe as God/Jesus helping the poor/unfortunate in society and also that the church'd need money to maintain/upkeep herself.

Pastor Bobby Chaw said in this sermon for us to honour the Lord by making Him an offering from the best of all that our land produces.

If/like we'd forgotten why God wants our money/10% tithe? It is mainly to help the poor/unfortunate in society. Why then a poor widow in Luke 21:2 gave 2 mites to the church's collection box? Perhaps because there are still those poorer than her?