Abiding In Christ

January 5, 2020 Bobby Chaw

The start of 2020 is a time set your vision and goals toward a more Christlike character. In this...

The start of 2020 is a time set your vision and goals toward a more Christlike character. In this Sermon, Pastor Bobby Chaw that when we abide in Christ, we will display His character, which is marked by the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Learn how to experience John 15:4-5: abide in His word, and let God prune the distractions of life so that you can bear more fruit for Him.


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Helen Pedersen

I know the Holy Spirit is only our trinity God and not everyone on earth, but how to put this so there is no confusion? Hmmm I am praying about this. It was a sermon I am very touched by, yet left a bit puzzled. Not in a sense that I don’t know that there is but only one God and that he sent his Son, whom died for us, so each of us can have the Holy Spirit 24/7 should we only wish so. I am therefore not lost in this but should my soul be no more one day, and the only way my spirit would then be alive is when those whom love me, remember me not? The same I am asking is it then not so for the Holy Spirit? should we be only two in the hole universe that believes and remember the Holy Spirit and call upon God Jesus name, that we keep the light burning with in us and being therefore transform into his image because Jesus Christ also did so?

Helen Pedersen

The Holy Spirit came after the dead and when Gods people is all over the earth, we then are one and the Holy Spirit is everywhere in that way? because we win the lost at any cost we make the Holy Spirit more alive? Well I am a very strong believer just my understanding.

Helen Pedersen

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Is this why we say God is omnipotent? I was so touched by this sermon and that we need each other and the church.