Coffee With Kong feat. A.R. Bernard

Aug 15-16, 2020 Rev. Dr. A. R. Bernard

In this time of pandemic, the Christian has a mission to make a difference to the world with his uni...

In this time of pandemic, the Christian has a mission to make a difference to the world with his unique gifts and talents. Listen to this prophetically-charged conversation between Pastor Kong Hee and CHC’s spiritual mentor, Dr A.R. Bernard of Christian Cultural Center and discover how God is shaping our “new normal” through revival, creativity and innovation. Learn how to adopt “redemptive thinking” as we hope in the character of God and lean on His consistency that is the anchor for our soul.



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Diana Choy Suan Sim

Here are two very handsome and elegant preachers of colours black/white/gold and of ancestral land Africa/Sin Chew-Star Continent Dragon Asia/America the new heaven and new earth on an intellectual/scholarly/godologic session on the questions/answers on Covid-19/what to say of it, and us, and which can be the talks journalists want to article in the newspapers as more than the usual chestnuts.
Listening to the talks on my smartphone, I'd taken many screenshots as commenting reference later but later, I saw the many screenshots taken as also reference for meditation and I felt I could write a book of comments on it. I listened to the talks a second time and it was more illuminating. I'd listen to the talks again in the future.
Rev. Dr. A. R. Bernard said for us to hope on God.
God is love/mercy. God will help us but the barrier is our sins/the devil. Jesus Christ is our mediator/redeemer/saviour.
Rev. Dr. A.R. Bernard said, "Who's going to come up with the idea that is going to change the way people feel and think about what's going on."
King Solomon of old said history always repeats itself and that there was nothing new ever.
It's to live life well or not.
We to follow God<>Devil.
We do or die with envy or comparison, that we have a job/be richer, be seen as having more than one friend and keep up with the Joneses.
All we ask of God is to be close to someone.
To want the right one is it.
To ask God for it is it.
Three nights ago, I was at home watching the CNA news, and I finally see that Jesus was right to tell us not to divorce.
Man proposes. God disposes - A possible meaning: Human beings can make any plans they want, but it's God that decides their success or failure.
Get the right one and thank God and help the poor and unfortunate.
Get the wrong one and you could die or God'd let you see His Face...and from there, it'd be as already climbed so very high up in a metallic tower but you can't see the top yet. What's at the top? Keep climbing.
Jesus said, "This world is not all that is "
Listening to Rev. Dr. A.R. Bernard preaching and I see that God 'd answered his mother's prayer to God long ago when regarding his do great or die future, in his becoming the great American preacher with fluency/eloquence/clear enunciation.
Pastor Kong Hee looked very good asking the questions.
God bless the USA who gave the world generosity/sophistication/modernity.