Psalm 3: Prayer In Troubled Times

Feb 15-16, 2020 Bobby Chaw

Pastor Bobby Chaw teaches us how to pray at a time when things seem hopeless, by drawing from King D...

Pastor Bobby Chaw teaches us how to pray at a time when things seem hopeless, by drawing from King David's prayer in Psalm 3. David was at his lowest point, running away from his son Absalom who wanted to kill him. Pastor Bobby shows us four things about David here: he was completely honest with God about his sorrows and fears; he turned his focus entirely on God and remembered that God was his shield; and he trusted so much in the Lord that even in the face of torment he slept, and he expected God to do what is consistent to his nature. Enjoy this full service and be encouraged by this sermon that having done all, we can stand knowing salvation belongs to the Lord.


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Jennifer Sambas

wow.. thank you for the word.. God bless you!! God bless CHC

Gabriel Lim


Helen Pedersen

God is a promise keeping God ! Yes and 🙏

Helen Pedersen

Helen Pedersen

God’s Chocolatey Butternut, Glory be unto our father in haven, I am so pleased to hear that found is all the way back in Africa. I myself are from Africa and I can tell you I am having this amazing church almost 3 times a week to enjoy, plus I went to SOT and was water Baptist here. If I can give a little more then just a song, I will you to pray to Jesus and ask if this is the year for you to join SOT with us. I promise it’s a life changing 7months even if you not walking away with a title. I am sure if it’s God will you will contact us. However be blessed and enjoy the App because at least I can say I know of one more person this year that loved our church! God is magnificent and always on time!

God's Chocolatey Butternut

I downloaded your app all the way from Africa and have been having a great experience joining your service online and enjoying your spiritually filling worship song. I was wiping my tears while sharing the "Way maker" worship song and others, that song down brought down heaven and its glory for me. I am glad I found your church, I am loving you guys and benefitting from the spirit of God dwelling in the midst of you all. Thank you CHC.